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Emily Larsen

Team Leader - Property Management

Emily embarked on her journey in Property Management back in 2013 and has remained an enthusiastic and dedicated figure within the industry ever since. With a firm dedication to excellence, she thrives in today's dynamic real estate market.

Her focus lies in delivering unparalleled service and fostering enduring client relationships. Through years of hands-on experience, Emily has gleaned invaluable insights, recognising that service, communication, follow-through, and professionalism form the bedrock of effective property management.

At the heart of Emily's ethos is a steadfast commitment to safeguarding the interests of her clients. She upholds the highest standards of customer care, keeping abreast of rental market trends and the intricacies of ACT real estate legislation.

Consistency, reliability, and approachability define Emily's approach, while her penchant for innovation ensures a constant stream of fresh ideas aimed at achieving exceptional outcomes for her clientele.

In her capacity as Team Leader, Emily relishes the opportunity to mentor and nurture burgeoning talent within the property management sphere.