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Jemma Pilloni

Personal Assistant to Peter Walker

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Canberra, Jemma is excited to embark on a new chapter as a valuable member of the Ray White team. With hands-on experience in the real estate industry and a fresh perspective, Jemma is poised to make a positive impact in her role as Personal Assistant to Peter Walker.

Jemma's enthusiasm for continuous growth and learning is evident in her eagerness to be mentored by experienced professionals at Ray White. She sees every challenge as an opportunity to enhance her skills and knowledge, contributing to both her personal and professional development.

Known for her innovative thinking, creativity, and strong work ethic, Jemma approaches her responsibilities with a fresh and dynamic mindset. These qualities make her a valuable asset to the team as she navigates the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

In addition to her real estate pursuits, Jemma is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy, showcasing her commitment to ongoing education. This dual focus reflects her dedication to both the real estate industry and her long-term career goals in healthcare.

Outside of the workplace and academic endeavors, Jemma places a high value on quality time spent with her family and friends. Her ability to effectively balance her professional commitments and personal life underscores her dedication to maintaining a fulfilling and well-rounded lifestyle.