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Michaela Stirton

Team Leader - Property Management

Michaela's roots trace back to Canberra, where she spent her formative years before residing in the country. However, her journey ultimately led her back to Canberra, where she embarked on a career in Property Management.

A true team player at heart, Michaela consistently prioritises others above herself. Her demeanor is characterised by warmth tempered with a competitive edge, firmly believing that hard work is the surest path to success. With a profound commitment to service, she finds fulfillment in assisting others in realising their aspirations, deriving immense joy from witnessing their accomplishments.

When not immersed in her professional endeavors, Michaela treasures moments spent with her loved ones. Whether indulging in a delectable dessert at a cozy eatery or opting for a relaxed evening of Netflix, she cherishes the simple pleasures of life shared with family and friends.