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Real Estate in Dunlop

Bordering New South Wales, real estate in Dunlop is on the outlying skirts of the Belconnen region. The suburb is located around 11 kilometres away from Canberra’s central business district, with the region offering a great location for people interested in low-key property outside the normal hustle and bustle of metropolitan areas. The region doesn’t have any schools in the area, and the 2011 Census found the average age range of residents to be between 30 and 40 years old.

If you’re interested in Dunlop property but worried about getting to and from work every day, no need to stress. The public transport infrastructure across the region provides a number of frequent commuting options for anyone looking to get into the main hub of Canberra’s central business district on the daily. This could also provide good news for those with children, as a number of schools are located in surrounding suburbs.

Dunlop Grasslands Nature Reserve

One of 33 separate Canberra Nature Parks is located in Dunlop. These areas are hubs for local flowers and fauna. Providing a wonderful nature backdrop to the otherwise urban environment, this area is within walking distance of most Dunlop real estate, making it perfect for anyone with children looking to exercise or simply those interested in spending time in the wild outdoors.

While there are no dogs allowed into the area, walking trails weave across the park and provide fantastic recreational activities to undertake during the weekends. Furthermore, continued restoration projects for native plants and animals will appeal to the more environmentally friendly residents across the region.

West Belconnen Pond

The West Belconnen Pond is located at the top of the suburb and could be a wonderful attraction point for purchasing real estate in Dunlop. Bordered by the Bicentennial National Trail, the pond offers a great ecosystem that could be extremely interesting for residents of the region.

For example, the area is home to a number of different bird types that could provide endless entertainment for recreational bird watchers.

Breeds like White-eyed ducks, Masked Lapwings, Gray Fantails, European Goldfinch and many more inhabit the area, alongside a wide range of native plants. Dunlop real estate could be a great place for environmentalists to settle down and make a life for themselves and their familes in the near future.

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