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Making the most of a small space

Do you need to sell a property that’s low on room and maximise space to entice buyers, or need to do the same for your own living needs? Try these tips for getting the most out of the smaller side of real estate in Australia.

Get lifted

The more floor space you can see in a room, the bigger it’s going to feel. If you can use wall-mounted cabinets instead of ones that sit on the floor, this renovation will widen a room immensely. The same goes for seating – do you have room for a wall mounted pew? They also give a wonderful family feel. Removing the bigger, more permanent item makes the floor much easier to clean, as well as giving a new option for temporary storage like a small shoe rack.

Colour your life

By keeping the wall and ceiling colours consistent between rooms, you can enhance room-to-room flow, which can help with making a room seem bigger. Contrasting colours between rooms tend to have a bordering effect, highlighting exactly what the dimensions of a room are. Less obtrusive entrances like French or sliding doors can also boost this flow. Keeping it light, or even white will reflect the light and make rooms appear bigger and brighter.

Keep the clutter down

This is the dream for any homeowner, but it is particularly important when you live in a smaller house. Any amount of clutter or rubbish can tighten a space so make sure to have discreet rubbish bins handy or a well-organised storage system.

Multitask your surfaces

Only got room for one desk or table in a living area? It pays to have it serve multiple purposes. You can keep your paperwork in a nearby drawer to use a dining table for business, or have a smaller table that can be used for both small meals and pulled out for when friends visit for dinner. Maybe use a storage ottoman instead of a coffee table if you’re pressed for space on your living room centrepiece?

We can’t always get the luxury home of our dreams, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reside in a beautiful household with an open feel. These tips will make your spaces pop, and your living areas will be spacious and relaxing in no time at all. If you put up the land for sale, buyers will be stunned by your work too.

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