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4 delightful ways to prepare your property for spring

By Ben Faulks

Spring is upon us and it is a great time of year to start selling properties. However, you must prepare your home and yard to give it the best chance of selling. Here is your essential spring guide.

Spring cleaning 

It is time to get out the gloves and dedicate a day to cleaning and de-cluttering your home. This is a great opportunity to hire a skip and throw out everything that is a waste of space. Declutering is not really about finding the right place for your things, it's about throwing a majority of it out. It will make the world of difference to the appearance of the property when you are about to sell and it will stop any unnecessary items coming to the new home.

Flowers blossoming in the garden or placed throughout the house can help sell your home.

Perfume your home with the smell of flowers

Let your home smell of sweet spring flowers if you're having an open home. Better Homes and Gardens reiterates the effect that flowers can have on potential buyers. They are not only visually stimulating but they perfume the air and pleasant smells have a positive influence on people's moods. 

According to Homelife, the best spring flowers in Australia to decorate your home with or plant in your garden are:

  • Bluebells
  • Wisteria 
  • Azelias
  • Daffodils
  • Crab apples
  • Prunus Bilreanna

Welcoming entrance

The front entrance is the eyebrows of the house, it must be groomed to perfection. If you need to give it a fresh coat of paint, why not start with the door, de-clutter the space and add simple patio furniture. With some swinging pot plants off the roof and you have a perfectly welcoming and pretty front entrance to your home.

With a welcome mat, fresh coat of paint and some outdoor furniture, your home will be set for a sale.


Once the front porch is up and ready to go, then staging your home is next. You need to make the home feel like it is clean and pristine, whilst also giving the appearance that it is lived in and loved. Try getting friends or family members to walk through the main areas of your home. They will be able to feel the flow and point out anything that catches their eye. An outsider's opinion may be the trick to identifying anything you have missed or is out of place.

If you're planning on selling your home in spring, make sure you give yourself a fighting chance in this competitive market. Talk to the team at Ray White Belconnen for help selling and searching for the right home.

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