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9 ways to decorate your home for Christmas

By Ben Faulks

As the year is coming to a close, we have a whole month of getting in the Christmas spirit; maybe even more if you go by the supermarkets' schedule of decking their storefronts out at Halloween. 

Whether you're a classic Grinch or the master of decorating, getting your house up to snuff will be a priority for many households in Belconnen. So, let's talk about some easy tips to make the Christmas season – and the decorating that comes with it – more enjoyable for both you and your family.

Getting your house prepped

Before you can venture into the exciting realm of decorating, you need to make sure your house is sparkly fresh. 

If you're one for ticking off boxes, there's an abundance of cleaning plans freely available online you can download, print and get cracking with. Alternatively, compile your own list, making sure that you cover every room inside as well as outdoor areas.

As such, it might be good to give yourself plenty of time to work through the list over a few weeks to avoid being overwhelmed with everything that still needs to be done a week out. 

Decorate for warm and fuzzy feelings

Once your floors are washed and the windows are crystal clear, you can move onto the exciting part: decorating!

To make your home stand out from the rest, we've got some creative ideas for you:

1. Get creative with photos

Don't just do the usual photo-in-frame thing, but display your family photos by hanging them from your bannister garland of fireplace. Take it a step further and mix festive photos with Christmas cards!

2. Make food festive

Create the ultimate decorative vase by filling a glass amphora with a mix of nuts, dried berries and long-lasting fruit such as cranberries and kumquats. Top it off by placing a big candle in the middle, completing the festive yet ornamental look. 

3. Play around with sweets

Christmas lends itself as the ideal time to be playful, so make the most of it and display your sweet treats. Be conscious to keep anything sugary out of reach for pets and kids by dangling candy canes and the like from the top of a window or present them in apothecary jars as centrepiece. 

4. String 'em up

Amp up the cosiness level by clipping holiday cards on a piece of string and maybe even placing festive throws on a rustic ladder for cooler summer nights. 

5. Make it fruity

Who said you can't have a winter-Christmas atmosphere in your Australian summer? If you mix one part silver with three parts white glitter, you can create the perfect icy frost for fake grapes, apples or other fruit. You can then experiment with placing them on table runners for general decorative purposes or place them in a bowl as centrepiece. 

6. Enhance your candle holders

Put together your own tea light holders by carving out a hole in little wooden logs, or mix it up with some nuts, ornaments and candles creatively displayed on a platter.

7. Include natural materials

Combine pine cones, real greenery and thick ribbon to create the ultimate faux garland or mix up your green wreath!

8. Nibble, nibble little mouse

Find inspiration from Hansel and Gretel and place a gingerbread house on top of your fireplace or a stack of vintage books for a delicious twist on cute décor.

9. Follow the scent

Nothing says Christmas as well as the smell of cinnamon or spice-scented candles, so don't hold back and decorate by strategically placing them across the house. 

Still looking for a place to call home when Christmas comes around? We can help you! Don't hesitate to reach out and give our friendly team at Ray White Real Estate Belconnen a ring today.

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