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ACT Given Access to Pedalec-style Electric Bikes

By Ben Faulks

Legislation has been passed in the ACT to give cyclist the opportunity to travel using Pedalec-style electric bicycles.

The state's attorney-general Simon Corbell announced the changes, saying that he believes the move will encourage more people to use this mode of transport.

"Electric bicycles are a practical mode of transport for many people including those recovering from illness or injury, seniors, people with disabilities and commuters wanting a "no sweat" cycling experience," the minister commented.

He emphasised that efforts are being made to upgrade and expand the cycle path network throughout the ACT, which should make cycling an easier transport option for anyone with Belconnen real estate.

Pedalecs have a top continuous power rating of 250 watts, as well as extra safety and design requirements that meet strict European standards.

The electric bicycles that can currently be used in the ACT have a peak power of 200 watts, although the Pedalec models have greater performance on hills and a greater range on long journeys.

Mr Corbell emphasised that riders of these models – as with any other brand of bicycle – will be expected to adhere to strict rules, such as wearing a helmet that meets the Australian Standard.

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