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ACT Government Proposes Reduced Construction Red Tape

By Ben Faulks

Anyone considering constructing their own Belconnen real estate in the coming months could be interested to hear about the legislation being pushed by the state government to help reduce the amount of red tape involved within the construction industry and aid the recovery of building across the Australian Capital Territory. 

Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development Simon Corbell announced the Planning and Development (Project Facilitation) Amendment Bill 2014 would be up for further debate in May, which could allow for reduced time delays and improved efficiency across the board. 

"The bill puts in place a process for recognising and giving priority to a special precinct area or a project of major significance. It requires the government to nominate priority projects at the beginning of planning process and consult with the community before seeking endorsement in the Legislative Assembly," said Mr Corbell in an April 8 statement.

"The Australian Capital Territory government is committed to reducing red tape in the building and construction industry but it also wants to ensure major projects with substantial public benefit cannot be held up by third party appeals and unnecessary processes." 

This could present a great opportunity for the construction of Belconnen apartments and homes in the near future. 

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