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ACT greenhouse gas reduction well on track

By Ben Faulks

Making Australia a cleaner, more sustainable place has become the goal for many local and state governments, with a number of initiates being implemented across the country to help residents and businesses towards this result. 

And if you're an environmentally-conscious individual living in Belconnen property, the latest release from the Australian Capital Territory government could be just the inspiration needed to continue with your efforts. 

The Interim Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report has highlighted the territory's progress towards an ambitious goal to reduce greenhouse gases by 40 per cent of the levels recorded in the 1990s by 2020. 

Environment minister Simon Corbel said the first emissions target has been met by the area, with total territory emissions falling by 8 per cent between 2011/12 and 2013/14. He went on to say that dropping electricity reliance was a major factor, after accounting for 59 per cent of emissions seen in 2013/14. 

"Reduction in electricity emissions has been driven by two main factors – a reduction of electricity demand by 3.4 per cent and the increasing use of renewable electricity in the ACT," said Mr Corbel in a 1 April statement. 

This could be a wonderful incentive for people to embrace more renewable energy sources in their homes and workplaces across the territory, to help the territory achieve the 2020 emissions target. 

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