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ACT residents reminded to prepare for storm season

By Ben Faulks

Minister for Police and Emergency Services Simon Corbell reminded Canberrans to get themselves ready and prepared for the upcoming storm season, which often lasts from now till the beginning of March and can cause a lot of damage to property and individuals living in Belconnen real estate – especially if under preparation is rampant throughout the state. 

The annual ACT State Emergency Service StormSafe began late last week, where Mr Corbell highlighted the importance of taking precautionary steps to help prevent issues from arising. 

"Clearing gutters, trimming trees and branches, securing loose outdoor furniture as well as replacing any broken roof tiles are some of the ways we can all be more StormSafe," said Mr Corbell in a 20 September statement. 

He went on to say there were 1,417 call outs for emergency services during the storm season for flooding and other related complications, but taking some basic steps can help to reduce this figure. Over the nest week, there will be a number of educational activities being undertaken across the state that could be extremely beneficial – especially for new home owners – to attend. 

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