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ACT’s road network comes out on top

By Ben Faulks

Getting from A to B is just one of the daily chores that most people have to face, but when you're living in real estate in Dunlop, you might find it's less of an effort than you thought.

That's because a recent telephone survey found that Canberrans believe the ACT's road network is the nest in the country, both in terms of how it has been constructed and maintained. The poll was carried out by an independent team at Piazza Research, which assessed the local services against 52 local councils across the country.

Minister for roads and parking Mick Gentleman said the results speak for themselves, as 90 per cent of respondents were satisfied with the overall management of the network. This was higher than 90 per cent of other local governments throughout Australia.

Not only this, the ACT came out on top for its traffic and parking management, as it performed better than 93 per cent of other local governments.

Mr Gentleman continued: "These results are fantastic to see, particularly as residents considered construction and maintenance of roads, operation of the traffic light system, traffic management at schools and in local streets, and road resurfacing to be the most important factors regarding public assets and transport."

He said many people throughout Canberra and the rest of the ACT appreciate just how good the local transport and infrastructure is – and these results are testament to this fact.

This follows results of another recent survey, which showed strong support for walking and cycling throughout the ACT. Two-thirds of those polled said they would like to see greater government funding and support for active transport, which would bring benefits to those living in Dunlop real estate.

Results of the survey showed that people would be more inclined to walk or cycle if the infrastructure was up to the required standard, so this might be an area the territory's government decides to focus on moving forward.

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