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Australia tops sustainable real estate benchmark

By Ben Faulks

An increasing attitude towards sustainable lifestyles has begun to permeate across the nation, which is great news for those hoping to do their part towards saving the planet and adopting a cleaner, greener way of living. Owners of Belconnen real estate will be enthused to hear about the latest Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark survey, which put Australia's property market well above other developed nations. 

Beating out Asia, North America and Europe to name a few, the nation has outperformed a number of countries across the globe when it comes to the sustainability of the real estate sector. Property Council Chief Executive Ken Morrison said heavy investment in innovative solutions and new technologies to drive down energy expenditure, carbon emissions and increase waste reduction. 

"It is gratifying to see decades of investment and clever management paying environmental dividends as well as providing more secure returns to investors," said Mr Morrison in a 10 September statement. 

Now could be a wonderful time to consider buying real estate in Australia and contributing towards a cleaner, greener nation for the future. With a number of sustainable housing projects being built across the nation, there are a wide range of options to consider. 

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