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Belconnen Council responds to Light Rail Network Plan

By Ben Faulks

In light of the newly granted planning permission for the new light rail network to Kippax, the Belconnen Community Council has released a statement requesting that light rail passes through the Belconnen town centre.

A benefit to Belconnen and the greater area

The council has asked that should the project proceed to stage two, that the rail follow a route through Belconnen real estate, providing transport options for local residents. The Council cite access to the following as major reasons to direct the light rail network through Belconnen:

  • Calvary Hospital;
  • the Australian Institute of Sport;
  • the University of Canberra;
  • Canberra International Sports and Aquatic Centre; and
  • a "fit for purpose" infrastructure base

The council also warns that a lack of additional transport infrastructure could lead to strain being placed on existing roads and public services, due to a predicted increase in people, housing and traffic in the Belconnen area over the next 25 years.

Light rail brings more than just people

Residents of Belconnen would see great benefits from the introduction of the light rail network, as it could provide additional jobs, access to services and centres of activity as well as a boost to local business and real estate. 

The Belconnen Community Council concluded by saying that the new light rail travelling through the Belconnen town centre "would support the community's desire for the long term viability and enjoyment of our town centre, and ease current and future transports pressures in our outer suburbs". 

With the ACT Government projecting the Belconnen population to rise to almost 100,000 people by 2019, it is more important than ever the ensure the area has enough infrastructure to support the burgeoning population.

Regardless of whether or not the light rail is eventually constructed through Belconnen, the area continues to be an attractive employment and economic powerhouse. 

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