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Belconnen Schools: What Your Family Needs to Succeed

By Ben Faulks

If you are looking to invest in Belconnen real estate, you're making a smart choice for the future of your family. Schools are often one of the key considerations couples make when choosing a suburb in which to grow their clan, so it's no surprise a good chunk of Belconnen's population is young couples with children.

Belconnen boasts a range of high-quality schools, so choosing the best one for your children might become challenging. Here are some questions to consider when preparing for your child's educational future:

Do I agree with the school's philosophy?

Most schools will post their overall education philosophies on their websites. Some will focus on diversity and inclusiveness, while others aim for high achievement and personal fulfillment.

These philosophies often guide the curricula of the schools, so it pays to choose one that is in line with your own family values.

Will my child fit in?

A school that emphasises success and high achievements can take a toll on the self esteem of a child with a learning disability, while a school that does not reward students who go above and beyond can make other children feel alienated or bored.

If you are moving into Belconnen from elsewhere, it's important to choose a school where your children can easily make friends and adapt to the new environment.

Where is the school?

Location matters. Will you have to drive your children to school each day, or can they take a bus? Some schools are even walkable from houses for rent in Belconnen

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