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Belconnen to honour blood cancer victims

By Ben Faulks

Blood cancer is a serious affliction that has claimed and impacted the lives of many Australians. It comes in three different types: leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma. These diseases corrupt the blood, bone marrow and lymphatic system, often resulting in death.

On October 9, people around the country will be lighting lanterns to support these victims.

If you live in Belconnen real estate or other Canberra suburbs, you too have the opportunity to be a part of this charitable movement.

Light The Night is an inspirational event that aims to support families affected by blood cancer and raise awareness around this deadly affliction. The actual event consists of a walk in the night while holding lanterns.

Each different colour of lantern is symbolic and connotes a different meaning:

  • Gold – Holders of golden lanterns are honouring a loved one who has been lost to blood cancer.
  • White – People holding white lanterns are currently combating or have overcome blood cancer.
  • Blue – Holding a blue lantern symbolises that you support and care for those suffering from this affliction.

This walk will happen simultaneously all across the nation in a bold show of support and encouragement. Canberra residents also have the opportunity to sponsor a walker or make a donation, with all proceeds going to fund blood cancer research and support affected families.

In Canberra, the walk will happen on the Kingston Foreshore, near Glassworks and Brodburger. Leading up to the event, there will be onstage entertainment as well as a lantern collection. There will also be food and drinks available to be purchased.

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