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Canberra Claims Title of Australia’s Most Liveable City

By Ben Faulks

Canberra has taken the title of Most Liveable City from Adelaide this year, which could be great news for those interested in purchasing Belconnen apartments or real estate in the near future. 

Taking the title of Australia's Most Liveable City by a margin of 1.3 per cent, Canberra recorded a score of 65.2 per cent. Adelaide finished with a result of 63.9 per cent. 

This rise has been attributed to increases in safety and security, education and health care, while Adelaide has undergone a number of decreases due to economic constraints – including an increasing unemployment rate – which resulted in the city's index dropping. 

Furthermore, there has been a nationwide increase in the number of new home sales over the first month of 2014, with these product sales increasing by 0.5 per cent over January. 

"New home sales have been rising pretty steadily since the third quarter of 2012, encouraged by the falling interest rates and the return of confidence to the housing market," said Housing Industry Association (HIA) Senior Economist Shane Garrett in a March 3 statement. 

Now could be the perfect time to take advantage of the increasing real estate landscape in Canberra and secure Belconnen real estate in the near future. 

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