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Canberra demonstrates leadership in renewable energy

By Ben Faulks

The Minister for the Environment Simon Corbell has announced the opening of Windlab's Global Operations Hub, a herald of Canberra's position as the centre of Australian renewable energy.

"Australia's growing renewable energy sector is voting with its feet to choose Canberra as the focal point for renewable energy investment and knowledge building into the future," said Mr Corbell.

Renewable energy is taking centre stage both in Australia and across the world. According to the federal government, the country aims to have 23.5 per cent of electricity to be provided by renewable sources. This is part of a reform in its Renewable Energy Target scheme. Meanwhile in Paris, a large proportion of the world's nations have agreed to a series of terms that will help reduce carbon emissions and improve the environment.

Taking the first steps 

"States and regions need to take initiative in developing local renewable energy investment," continued Mr Corbell.

Belconnen has already taken major steps towards a greener future for the area, as the Riverview Group began an investigation into the viability of using renewable energy to provide power to the suburb and beyond.

It is unsurprising that such large-scale projects are beginning to take hold, as the technology to utilise green energy becomes cheaper and the value of them for a property starts to increase.

In a recent survey conducted in partnership with Origin Energy and, it was found that 85 per cent of Australians considered solar panels to be valuable additions to a property, with three out of four renters saying they would pay extra to live in a property using solar energy.

It is hoped that this new focus on renewable energy will bring greater focus to neighbourhoods that already utilise it effectively, and improve the value of Belconnen real estate.

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