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Canberra Earmarked for Infrastructure Developments

By Ben Faulks

Two major projects are currently in the pipeline to regenerate Canberra city centre, which could bring new infrastructure and investment to the area.

The City Plan will provide a blueprint for future infrastructure and redevelopment all over the region so that it can become a more vibrant, sustainable and dynamic place.

Meanwhile, the City to Lake Project will extend the city outwards to encompass the area that stretches from the West Basin to Anzac Parade.

Features may include a new sports stadium, convention centre and cultural facilities.

The City to Lake Project may also incorporate an aquatic centre and urban beach, as well as a split-level boulevard to link local areas.

These improvements will not only bring benefits to Canberra, but also have the potential to boost interest in Belconnen real estate.

ACT chief minister Katy Gallagher explained that community planning will play an important role in the future planning of the city – a website has been set up where members of the public can air their views.

"As the city grows to a population of 500,000 and beyond we have to plan for key infrastructure, major recreation and cultural facilities in order to 'future proof' our city," noted the chief minister.

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