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Cyclists thrive in Australia’s most bike-friendly city

By Ben Faulks

The National Cycling Participation Survey 2017 released by the Australian Bicycle Council back in June revealed that the Australian Capital Territory is the state with the greatest proportion of cyclists.

Two thirds of owners of Canberra real estate have at least one working bike, with 36 per cent having access to three or more!

It makes sense that cycling is so popular in Canberra, as the city is intrinsically cyclist-friendly. Here are a few ways cyclists are supported in Canberra.

Local cafes are becoming Bike Stops

Bike Stops are local businesses which offer change-rooms, showers, or even tyre pumps to cyclists so they can prepare for their various commitments after working up a sweat.

Under the Bike Stop program, cafes can register to be added to an online map for commuters and be given a sticker to display in their shop-front.

The program is an ACT government initiative planned to encourage commuters to cycle into the city. As many offices already offer end-of-trip facilities such as showers for employees who cycle to work, the hope is that people will also make the journeys to meetings or appointments on their bikes.

Not only does this initiative offer great facilities for Canberra's many bike-riders, but it aims to bring more business to small cafes.

Make a longer journey with Bike & Ride

Whether you're living in Belconnen apartments or way out in Dunlop, cycling is still an option in Canberra.

The Bike & Ride program has put in place a number of different facilities to make cycling for at least some part of your commute a viable option. These include bicycle lockers, cages, and racks.

Holders of Canberra's public transport "MyWay" cards, can request access to cages at various bus stops around the city where they may securely store their bikes. Smaller, even more secure lockers, are also available via reservation – though you'll need to provide your own lock!

Perhaps the best way to bike and ride would be to take your bike all the way. That's an option in Canberra, since most Blue Rapid and Red Rapid bus services are equipped with racks at the front of the bus to safely carry your bike to your destination.

If you fancy the idea of boosting your fitness on the way to and from work in a city that's both beautiful and bike-friendly, why not move to Canberra? The team at Ray White Belconnen are standing by, ready to talk to you about your relocation.

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