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Daramalan College Business profile: Ben Faulks

By Ben Faulks
  1. What is your connection to Daramalan College? (Were you a student, parent, teacher?)

My brother and I both went to Daramalan from Year 5-Year 12 (I graduated in 1999, he in 2001), however our parents were part of the first co-ed cohort in 1978 and met at the school. 5 of our uncles and aunts also attended the school, and from 2010-2014 I was also a member of the Board.

Most recently our 3 children have been baptised by Fr Littleton in the college chapel, as I was way back in 1981.

  1. Do you have a favourite memory (favourite teacher/sport/class/event/camp/excursion) of your time as a student at Daramalan? (If applicable)

Like many, I remember Miss Daniel’s (not then Principal) bumping into me in the corridor and she instantly knew exactly what class I should be in despite not having her as a teacher that year. Rugby was a big highlight for me, with Queenland trips each year of college.

I had a lot of great teachers throughout the years in highschool, however I particularly remember Year 5 & 6 teachers – Mrs Larkham & Mr Tonkin for how invested they were in us as students.

  1. How do you stay connected to Daramalan now? (Facebook, alumni, children currently attending, volunteering, committees etc)

Mainly through the alumni newsletters that come out, and keeping a loose eye on what the First XV is up to.

When I was on the board it was amazing to see how much the campus had changed, and really made me feel proud to be an ex-student.

  1. Tell us about your business? (What service/product do you provide, where are you located, how long have you been there etc)

6 years ago my brother and I launched a new Ray White franchise in Belconnen, and today we are proud to be the largest individual real estate office in the ACT. We specialise mainly in residential sales, property management and Auctions, as well as having recently launched a home finance. We have received amazing support from many in the Daramalan/Gungahlin Eagles community and are always looking for ways to give back.

  1. How long have you been advertising your business on the Daramalan College Website?

As long as I can remember being in business!

  1. What was the biggest influence on your decision to and why do you support the Scholarship Fund through the Community Business Directory?

We believe in giving back to a community that has been so supportive of us.

  1. What would you say to others who may be considering advertising with us?

The return that it has generated has never been easy to measure, however we feel it has a huge return on investment in terms of the goodwill it perpetuates. We will be advertising there as long as you will have us!

  1. Tell us something about your business that people in our community may not know?

Despite not being overly artistic ourselves, one of our main community initiatives is that we are the Major Partner of the Belconnen Arts Centre, and each year sponsor the College Express art prize. Last year there were some outstanding entries from Daramalan, and we are hoping one day we get to present the cheque to someone from our old school.

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