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Developing Aid Programs for Disabled Canberrans Expected To Roll Out in July

By Ben Faulks

More housing options for Canberrans with disabilities could be on the horizon, which could be a great opportunity for those living in Belconnen real estate to improve their living conditions in the coming months. 

The Australian Capital Territory government is seeking community input on three initiatives that will help to provide the disabled with affordable, appropriate, secure housing conditions. The Innovative Housing Unit is the first of its kind in the region,  and is designed to aid the lives of those in the area. 

Minister for Disability, Children and Young People Joy Burch said it was important to implement these types of programs across the state. 

"These initiatives will help them, their families and carers discuss and plan for their long-term accommodation needs and get information and support to address legal and financial issues, coordinate services and develop informal support networks," said Ms Burch in an April 4 statement. 

The National Disability Insurance Scheme will be rolled out in the state in July 2014. This program provides a framework to give participants more flexibility to receive support and live independently, which includes providing access to housing options – through the private market, rental or home ownership – which could be good news for those with houses to rent in Belconnen. 

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