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Foreshore upgrade

By Ben Faulks

Our local area is changing. With the recent investment by Westfield Group, redevelopment of the bus interchange and investment in apartment developments in the local area, Belconnen is an region on the move.

Home to the fitness pursuits of local resident for many years, Lake Ginninderra is an icon of Belconnen living, and is currently undergoing an upgrade to the foreshore aread to bring it back to life.

Improvements to the Emu inlet on the Foreshore of Lake Ginninderra have already begun, with the intention of the project being to create a more accessible amenity for recreational use to the general public.

Upon completion the shoreline on Emu Inlet will be reshaped to form a completely new and exciting area for the Belconnen public. The appearance will be drastically changed with the inclusion of new steps, Retaining walls, 44 New Trees, and New Lights beside the pathway.

Along with the physical appearance of the shoreline there is also a large amount of complex work in the water that has been undertaken. A new lake wall has been constructed and the 5 existing storm water pipes have been extended further into the lake to push the storm water away from the shoreline. The shape of the inlet will increase the water circulation which in turn will decrease the risk of odours and pollution building up at the shoreline.

This will be a great addition to the already prospering Belconnen community, and just one of the many exciting feature of living in our local area.

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