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Get cosy with the trees in Canberra

By Ben Faulks

Looking for something to do in Belconnen in the winter months? The suburb's proximity to Canberra makes it easy to pop into the city for the day. 

The National Arboretum Canberra may not be at the top of your city to-do list during winter, but this season it's putting on a show that may make it even more colourful than it is during summer. 

The trees and buildings of the Arboretum are all bundled up in vibrant knitted scarves and crocheted shapes for the Warm Trees art installation taking place from May 1 to June 1. 

Warm Trees is designed to draw visitors to the Canberra attraction during the winter months and get them to "engage with the Arboretum in a very different way", according to the Arboretum website. 

Although the display is beautiful to look at, it also has an interesting community back story. To get enough materials ready to drape across the trees and gardens on May 1, the Arboretum asked volunteers of all ages across the community to knit and crochet their own materials. 

Arboretum staff encouraged children to send in scarves in their school colours or favourite sports teams, and even held a knitter's morning tea to bring all the volunteers together before the launch of the exhibition.

Take a ride into the city from your Belconnen property this month to see this community spirit come to life in a fantastic display of colour and craft. 

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