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Government to Consider More Rail Possibilities

By Ben Faulks

The ACT government may consider further rail possibilities to improve transport options for residents of Canberra and Gungahlin real estate.

According to minister for territory and municipal services Shane Rattenbury, Canberra has the potential to make great use of a high-speed rail system. Mr Rattenbury addressed the possibilities at Parliament House yesterday (June 26).

This would connect the country's capital to Sydney, and provide residents of Canberra with another mode of transport to the city in NSW.

"High speed rail connecting Canberra and Australia's east coast cities would be a monumental nation-building project, transforming travel in Australia and opening up Canberra and the region to great new opportunities," said Mr Rattenbury. 

"Canberra is shaping up as an ideal city for a high speed rail station and Canberra-Sydney is an obvious first route on any east coast high speed rail network."

The city's population is nearing 400,000, so it is an encouraging sign that the government is wishing to improve the public transport system for its residents.

At the same time, residents of Belconnen real estate and other wider suburbs will be able to enjoy developments through a light rail system that will run through the city.

ACT Light Rail will help to ease traffic congestion in the city by providing residents with better public transport options.

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