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Gungahlin light rail plans move forward

By Ben Faulks

The plans for the light rail line passing through Gungahlin has now been approved, a major step forward for the ambitious plan.

Described by Capital Metro as an "economic tool" for Canberra, the light rail is designed to provide a boost to transport options and efficiency. The current plans allow for the light rail to carry 20,000 passengers an hour, which is a significant improvement over a comparable 1,000 passengers for a single car lane. By 2021, the light rail is intended to make over 15,000 journeys per day, making it a major future feature of Canberra transport.

Benefits beyond simple transportation

Capital Metro also describes how the light rail would improve urban renewal, provide local and citywide employment, attract new investment and diversify the local economy. With over 3,500 jobs supported during construction, $13million worth of environmental benefits and $222 million transport time savings, it is unsurprising that many Canberrans are pleased with the continuing development of this project. 

Travelling through the Northbourne corridor, a "greatly underutilised" area, the new transport option has now received planning permission for the stop intended in Gungahlin. Those residents with Gungahlin real estate are likely to see a significant economic boost upon completion as the rail allows visitors as well as homeowners to more easily travel around the city, making the area far more attractive to investors.

While this has been an excellent step forward for the project, there are still further approval applications required before the construction begins in earnest. Many parts of the new rail will travel through land controlled by the National Capital Authority; works approval applications with this institution have yet to be filed.

Construction is intended to begin next year.

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