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How to find the right rental property in Belconnen

By Ben Faulks

If you're still saving up to purchase your own Belconnen real estate, you're likely to remain a tenant and rent a house for the time being.

When you're looking for a rental property, there are a number of things to keep an eye out for. Much of this will depend on your living situation, including whether or not you're moving in as a lone individual or if you have a family to cater for. 

Be sure to check out the local community beforehand, as well as any local schooling options for your young ones. Education is a fundamental part of growing up, so ensure you move to an area that's handy to great local schools. 

Make sure transport to and from work is easily accessible to cut down your commute. Whether you take public transport or drive every day, being close to bus stops or the main roads is another thing to keep in mind when searching for a rental home. 

Finally, make sure you feel safe in the neighbourhood. Check out the area's crime statistics and ask around the local community to get a feel for the environment. These are some basic, preliminary characteristics to investigate before signing a rental agreement.

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