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How your Belconnen home can benefit from daylight saving

By Ben Faulks

Daylight saving approaches as we make our way toward the heart of spring.

This means that we will be experiencing a lot more of the sun after the first Sunday in October. There are ways your Belconnen real estate can take advantage of this extra light to help you save on energy costs.

Daylighting is the principle of purposefully using daylight to reduce or cut the need for using electric lighting. 

Engineering and design firm Autodesk notes that ideal light for daylighting doesn't come directly from the sun, which is an intense directional beam. Instead, it comes from the sky, which diffuses the light in a softer, more consistent manner.

Daylighting tips

If you're after houses for rent in Belconnen, try to find one that is north facing, which will help your home see more light over the course of the day.

Furthermore, when moving in and arranging your space, plan where you want the light to come through and hit. For instance, task areas such as studies should avoid direct sunlight as it can easily cause blinding glare, making it difficult to focus and work.

If you exercise during the mornings, plan for your fitness space to be in a room that will catch plenty of sun, making you feel fresh and revitalised under the warmth of natural light as you workout.

Light tubes or skylights are an affordable fixture that feeds light into a poorly lit room, and can easily be installed by a tradesman. This could save you up to $30 per year per tube, according to Your Home Australia.

On the hunt for Belconnen apartments or houses? Give Ray White Belconnen a ring and we'll help you find a home that can take in all that spring and the approaching summer has to offer.

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