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Improved Public Transport for Gungahlin Town Centre

By Ben Faulks

The Australian Capital Territory state government have announced that they will be improving public transport services in Gungahlin town centre, which is positive news for residents of Gungahlin real estate.

Yesterday (July 11) marked the commencement of the construction works, which total to $3.325 million.

Once completed, the project's infrastructure will tie in with the Capital Metro light rail.

"These Gungahlin improvements are part of significant and continuing upgrades to public transport infrastructure across Canberra, such as the recently announced Parliamentary Triangle bus station, Canberra Avenue bus priority lanes, Barry Drive transitway and a new Woden bus interchange," said state minister for territory and municipal services Shane Rattenbury.

"We intend to integrate planned development on the adjacent car park area to create a public transport hub linked to the commercial activities in the town centre."

Mr Rattenbury stated that Gungahlin is one of the fastest growing areas in Canberra, so it is important that public transport is able to accommodate for its residents.

The Hibberson Street bus stops will be replaced by a new bus station that will be able to accommodate for three buses at once, and has enough room for two light rail carriages in the future.

These upgrades will deliver better public transport services for those living in Gungahlin, Belconnen real estate, and surrounding areas.

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