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Improving your sleep: Bedroom changes to help you rest easier

By Ben Faulks

The benefits of a good night's sleep cannot be overstated. Waking up feeling refreshed and recharged is the best way to start your day, helping you to be happy and productive. Unfortunately, sometimes there are circumstances that can hinder your rest – making it difficult to get the right amount of sleep. 

Here are some tips to help make your Belconnen real estate's bedrooms as conducive to good sleep as possible. 

Keep your room strictly for sleeping

One of the main problems people have these days is the overloading of technology. If you're finding it difficult to sleep your bedroom, consider removing things like computers and tablets and putting them elsewhere in the house. 

Making your bedroom into a space for rest and relaxation only can help increase the quality of your sleep. Furthermore, avoid using screens just before bed – instead, read a book or take some quiet time to reflect on the day. 

Maintain a comfortable temperature

Trying to sleep in a warm room can be hard to achieve. In fact, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that a temperature of around 18 degrees centigrade would be ideal for a comfortable sleep. Consider leaving a window open or investing in an air-con system to help retain this temperature throughout the night and get ready to embrace more satisfying sleep. 

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