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Kids stay active in ACT schools

By Ben Faulks

The recent Ride or Walk to School event saw a huge amount of success in the Australian Capital Territory, with fifty schools signing up for the programme. This could be great news for families living in Belconnen real estate, as children and adults alike begin to embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle. 

Chief minister and minister for health Katy Gallagher recognised these efforts last week and congratulated Arawang Primary School for being one of the schools involved with the programme. She pointed out the project was doing a great job at supporting the state's Healthy Weight Initiative.

"We need to keep promoting opportunities for children to be active and getting to and from school is a simple way that children can get some exercise which has not only health benefits but helps them to learn while in the classroom," said Ms Gallagher in a 7 November statement. 

With one quarter of Australian Capital Territory children considered overweight or obese, these types of programmes are great at teaching children how to lead an active, healthy life at a young age. An environment that actively encourages this type of behaviour is a great place to consider raising a family over the coming years.

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