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New dog walking zones across Canberra open to public comment

By Ben Faulks

Owning a pet can be hard work. After all, you have to take full responsibility for feeding and caring for them – which is often a labour of love for all involved. However, unlike other animals, you need to actively exercise your dogs. This can prove to be a difficult undertaking, especially when it comes to unclear rules surrounding leash areas and where you can and cannot take them. 

Luckily, the Australian Capital Territory government released new dog exercise maps for the community earlier this week, which clearly defines where people can walk their dogs, including on- and off-leash regions as well as dog prohibited areas. 

Minister for territory and municipal services Shane Rattenbury said community input was being sought, in order to make these maps as accurate, comprehensive and fair as possible. This could offer a great opportunity for residents of Gungahlin real estate to have their say in the future growth of the state. 

"As Canberra continues to develop and grow, it's important we review designated dog exercise areas to ensure we have the right balance for all members of the community. I encourage Canberra dog owners and interested residents to get involved in this consultation process to help us achieve this objective," said Mr Rattenbury in a 24 June statement. 

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