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New funding for healthier lifestyles committed across ACT

By Ben Faulks

Healthy living is something that everyone should strive for. There are countless benefits to having a cleaner lifestyle, which is recognised by a number of groups across the nation – including the Australia Capital Territory government. Residents of Belconnen real estate will be happy to hear that a number of organisations have been selected to receive $2 million in funding to help push residents across the state towards a healthier lifestyle. 

Australia Capital Territory Chief Minister and Minister for Health Katy Gallagher said the commitment to healthy living meant a number of applicants successfully secure funding in the near future. This includes groups like Nutrition Australia, the Tobacco and Other Drug Association, the Australian Drug Foundation and many more across the region. 

"The community partners funded under the Healthy Canberra Grants enable us to help improve physical activity levels and healthy eating habits for families and kids, and will also encourage healthy behaviours in a range of settings," said Ms Gallagher in a 21 August statement. 

This could present a wonderful change for people in the region looking for healthier living support. The rising emphasis on clean eating and exercise across Australia will do wonders for the quality of life and increase life expectancies. 

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