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New master plan for Belconnen town centre announced

By Ben Faulks

On November 3, the Australian Capital Territory government announced the the preparation of a new master plan for the Belconnen's town centre. Minister for planning Mick Gentleman said the plan would help improve links between the area and the rest of Canberra, as well as emphasis​e employment opportunities for people across the region. 

This could be great news for Belconnen real estate residents interested in improving their commute over the coming months. Mr Gentleman said there has been significant growth in the region since the 2001 Belconnen Town Centre Master Plan, so the area needs to be upgraded as needed

"This is a fantastic opportunity for the community to tell us how they would like Belconnen to develop now and into the future. It will also build on the great work undertaken by the local Belconnen Community Council and other community groups in the lead up to the development of the draft master plan," said Mr Gentleman in the statement. 

Now could be a great time to have your say in the future development of Belconnen and take charge of future changes in the local community. Consolations are open until 30 January 2015, so be sure to get in touch with the local government before then. 

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