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New meters in ACT schools to encourage sustainability

By Ben Faulks

Public schools across the Australian Capital Territory are expected to be fit with new energy usage monitoring meters, which can help to increase the sustainability of the facilities while also teaching children about the benefits of a cleaner, greener community.

This could be great news for residents of Belconnen real estate, especially those who have already started to adopt a healthier lifestyle in their home. Furthermore, these meters can also help reduce the amount of money spent, allowing for more savings to be passed on to the students and wider community. 

Minister for education and training Joy Burch said these new meters will display the data on a new interactive website, which teachers can then use to teach students about the correlation of gas consumption and cooler winter days. 

"The Australian Capital Territory government is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, with an aspirational target of making our schools carbon neutral by 2017," said Ms Burch in a 16 October statement. 

Furthermore, the school will be able to make improvements where there are massive energy wastages, helping to improve the overall effectiveness of the facility's energy system. 

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