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New red tape reductions to help ACT community clubs

By Ben Faulks

A recent announcement from the Australian Capital Territory government has outlined changes to legislation that will significantly reduce the amount of red tape surrounding these premises. Minister for racing and gaming Joy Burch said this is the first step towards implementing the Gaming Machine Reform Package that was announced early in October – which could be great news for residents of Belconnen real estate

The legislation aims to create the biggest cut in gaming machine licences, with a commitment to reducing the amount of harm caused by problem gambling to local families and the wider community. 

"Some of these rules are simply technologically outdated – for example, the requirement for an approved person to sign a machine access register every time a machine is opened. Clubs will also be able to move machines from one part of an approved gaming area to another without having to first seek approval from the Gambling and Racing Commission," said Ms Burch in a 30 October statement. 

Helping to foster a closer, caring community is a great way to bring people together and further the development of the local area. These types of law changes can be beneficial to a large section of society and should be embraced over the long term. 

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