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North vs South – Canberra population growth

By Ben Faulks

According to a recent article in the Canberra Times, the Northern suburbs of Canberra are continuing to develop as we are seeing the flow on effects of the new dwellings in the Gungahlin Area. Over the past decade we have seen almost a 15% increase of population in the Nation’s Capital and according to the ABS, 46,000 of the 48,400 have moved in to the Northern Areas.

The 15% increase is consistent with the nationwide trend, and has brought the total Canberra Population to 367,800.

Although this new population growth stands to provide a boost for local businesses, the challenge is in ensuring that community services and amenities keep up with the growth.

Economic Development minister Andrew Barr: “Gungahlin has been the beneficiary of a large capital spend for the best part of the last decade”. “There’s been half a dozen new schools built, the town centre is rapidly developing, we’ve made a decision around new ACT government office accommodation … the college, the health centre, the swimming pool, the leisure facilities, the enclosed ovals”.

While the North side of Canberra is prospering the South has seen a decline. With no new land available and the ageing of Residencies starting to become a factor, this has seen the south side population decrease 1700 in the past decade.

Andrew Barr commented that the population stagnation in Tuggeranong is not a new issue and he is aware that the lack of available land is a major problem.

“The plans for new land release and significant increase in the population in and around the lake, that have been outlined and strongly supported by the community council, will certainly go to addressing some of that population decline”.

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