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Orienting your home: How to make the most of natural sunlight

By Ben Faulks

If you're interested in building your own Belconnen real estate, there are a wide range of different factors to consider. However, an increasingly popular aspect of Australian homes for people to take to heart is how sustainable the property is. 

One way to increase the sustainability factor of your home could be to look into its orientation – or, which way your main living spaces face. For example, having these rooms on the northern side of your home means you can maximise the amount of natural light that streams in during the day. 

This is great for two reasons. During summer, it means you can go longer without needing to turn on your own home lights. And in winter, it's the best way to squeeze every last bit of warmth out of the day before resorting to other means like a heat pump or fireplace. 

Options like this can be facilitated by the glazing of windows or the strategic planting of trees, allowing you to maintain the level of sunlight you most desire for your Belconnen home. Orientation is just one of the things to discuss before committing to any one property design, so be sure to chat with an expert about the possibilities! 

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