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Public transport highlighted as major economic driver

By Ben Faulks

As the Australian Capital Territory continues to invest in public transport, a recent report by PwC Australia has highlighted the benefits of this industry in the region by offering insight into the economic and employment benefits of the infrastructure. 

This could be great news for residents of Belconnen real estate, especially those interested in the future growth of jobs and the overarching financial health of the region. Minister for capital metro Simon Corbell said the impending light rail would be a huge boost to economic activity in the future. 

"Infrastructure development is proven to stimulate the economy and provide a catalyst for more jobs, investment, improved community facilities and more productive and healthy lifestyles," said Mr Corbell in a 19 November statement.

"For Canberra, stage one of the Capital Metro project will support more than 3,500 jobs during construction, and when combined with associated development employment opportunities, the project will have supported approximately 50,000 jobs by 2047."

These figures could offer some wonderful investment opportunities for buyers looking to expand their portfolio into the region. Get in touch with a local real estate agent to begin investigating the property options across the Belconnen region and consider purchasing homes in the area today. 

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