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Public transport upgrades in Belconnen launched

By Ben Faulks

Keeping public transport in good shape is great for communities across the nation, especially with more and more people shifting towards more economical, environmentally-friendly modes of getting around. 

The Australian Capital Territory government officially launched the upgraded College Street bus transitway and various other infrastructure developments, which is fantastic news if you're a regular user of public transport services and living in Belconnen real estate

Minister for territory and municipal services Shane Rattenbury said these upgrades were essential to maintain one of Canberra's main public transport corridors to ensure everything runs on time and offers great service to commuters. 

Some of the improvements made to the area include new dedicated bus lanes, changes to the current College Street bus stops, as well as new stops on Haydon Drive and College Street. 

"The improvements also created a new drop off and pick up area at Radford College, which has made the school run easier for parents, safer for students and helped to manage the traffic congestion for other motorists," said Mr Rattenbury in a 12 June statement. 

Continued public transport infrastructure upgrades will help keep people connected, helping maintain convenience with their commuting needs. 

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