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Purchasing investment property: What kind of amenities should you look for?

By Ben Faulks

Moving into the investment market of Belconnen real estate is a great way to help facilitate your retirement wealth, but there are some things to consider before committing to any one property. Attracting tenants is the number one thing that should be on your mind when selecting investment properties – so be sure to keep an eye on the local amenities in the area.

Here are some of the common ones that people look out for when investigating rental homes. 

Education facilities

The importance of schools and kindergartens in close proximity to your rental property should be something to consider. After all, education is a big part of a child's upbringing, so providing these facilities to families looking to rent is a great way to help increase the number of potential tenants interested in your investment portfolio. 

Public transport

Furthermore, as more people begin to embrace healthy, sustainable lifestyles, the need for nearby public transport increases. This is because people are starting to take busses and trains for their work commute, rather than their private vehicles, in order to cut down on the amount of pollution created. 

Providing your tenants with the option of nearby bus stops or train stations could be a great way to help increase your tenant pool and secure a great deal for your rental home. 

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