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Rail Network to Benefit Gungahlin Residents

By Ben Faulks

The ACT state government is one step closer to getting the new light rail system off the ground in Canberra after announcing funding towards the project in the latest state budget.

A total of $18.7 million will be provided for the Capital Metro project which will help to ease congestion on the roads.

The light rail system will run through a corridor between Gungahlin and the city, via Flemington Road and Northbourne Avenue.

The Capital Metro project will receive $5 million for preliminary design studies and a delivery strategy, $12.3 million for the establishment of the Capital Metro Agency, and $1.4 million for a master planning process.

This may be of interest to those on the hunt for Gungahlin real estate, as an improved rail system will help to ease congestion on the roads. It will also provide more public transport options for those who are not car users and work in the city.

The project will be supported by cycle paths, integrated bus services, and footpaths which may help to encourage more people to use public transport services in the long-run.

Once completed, the rail system will help to support a steadily growing population in the area for many years to come.

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