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Red Tape Reduction Good News For Australian Home Builders

By Ben Faulks

Those interested in constructing houses for rent in Belconnen could be in luck, with a recent release from Master Builders Australia (MBA) outlining the federal government's new legislation to reduce the amount of red tape in Australia's housing industry. 

This could make the application and approval process much more streamlined in the future, by removing unnecessary obstacles from the overarching building process.

Wilhelm Harnisch,chief executive officer of MBA, said the expected changes would help to slash the "burden of over regulation and associated compliance costs". 

He said the housing and construction industry was one of the most intensely regulated sectors in Australia, while also being the nation's third largest employer. By reducing the amount of red tape in the industry, there will be an increase in productivity – allowing for growth, the creation of new jobs, and the development of more profits across the sector. 

"Red tape may sound mundane until you connect it with business people spending hours grappling with excessive paperwork instead of directing their energies to the productivity of their businesses and creating new jobs," said Mr Harnisch in a March 19 statement. 

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