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Report: Canberrans are leading long, healthy lifestyles

By Ben Faulks

Healthy lifestyles and increased life expectancies are the types of things people notice. After all, everyone wants to lead a relatively happy, healthy life with their friends and family – making the most of whatever happens to be on the proverbial Plate of Life at the time. 

And it seems that the Australian Capital Territory could be the place to do just that. According to the latest ACT Chief Health Officer's Report 2014, the status of both men and women across the state has been improving over the last three to four years. In fact, Canberrans have been found to hold the highest life expectancy across the whole of Australia, reaching 85 years for women and 81 for men. 

Acting chief health officer Dr Andrew Pengilley said the high quality of drinking water and air, coupled with socioeconomic factors like high rates of employment, income, education and housing all contributes to the region's high ranking in a 20 June statement.

With these circumstances lining up, now could be a brilliant time to consider purchasing your own slice of Belconnen real estate for you and your family. Making the move to a more affable environment could wonders for helping you to make the most of your life, with a wide range of benefits coupled with the growing region. 

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