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Selling Your Belconnen Apartment: Things to Consider

By Ben Faulks

For the owners of Belconnen apartments, it can be difficult to know how to go about earning the best possible return from them. After all, apartments offer a different type of accommodation to people than a detached home would, so selling them means highlighting their best features – which vary from those of most homes. 

Most people will purchase apartments because of their location. Being closer to the local central business district, or public transport amenities, is important. Individuals who live in apartments are professionals interested in having easy access to their fast-paced world, which makes location an important thing to consider before you even purchase. 

Creating Space 

Furthermore, creating the illusion of space is important, as well. For example, during the open home it could be worth having as many windows and curtains open in order to maximise the amount of light streaming into the rooms. 

Strategically placing mirrors around the apartment can also help to facilitate this concept. 


If your Belconnen apartment has a balcony, this will become a major selling point for many people. Therefore, taking the time to properly clean it will help to improve your overall standing – helping you to achieve sale success in the near future.

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