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Shine bright at Canberra Moon Festival 2017

By Ben Faulks

Canberra is home to people of a variety of cultures and religions. The 2016 Census results show that Mandarin is the fastest growing language in Canberra, climbing up to 3.1 per cent of households from 1.9 in 2011. The Chinese Moon Festival one of the most iconic celebrations of the culture, and this year everyone is invited to participate on October 1.

Whether you live here, or you're looking to buy real estate in Canberra, why not check it out?

What is the Moon Festival?

The Moon Festival occurs to the 15th day of the Han calendar – or the night of the full moon between early September and October. It's believed that on this night, the moon is at its largest and brightest.

Traditionally, the festival is observed in the middle of Autumn, and is in part a celebration of the harvest. While that's not so relevant here in the Down Under, the Moon Festival is an occasion for thanksgiving, gathering, and prayers. It's a time for family reunions, and is often filled with incredible treats known as moon cakes

Canberra Moon Festival 2017

Canberra's own Moon Festival will take place the Canberra Theatre Centre forecourt from 1 p.m. until 8 p.m. The theme this year is "tie us together". Multicultural catering and mooncakes will be aplenty, with approximately 30 stalls filling the forecourt.

People of all nationalities are invited to take part in the festival. The stage features a number of cultural performances, and will be headlined by The Voice Australia 2017 finalist Lucy Sugerman. This performance will mark Lucy's return to Canberra since the 15-year-old star completed her first EP, The Hilltop Sessions.

Bring a donation

At the heart of the festival is the mission to promote sustainable living, chiefly through reducing food waste. As an entry fee, visitors have the option to grab any can of food within its expiry date from their cupboards and donate it to the OzHarvest charity group (you know you have some tinned asparagus you'll probably never use).

Donated food will be distributed to charities and homeless shelters throughout Canberra and Queanbeyan.

The Moon Festival is a positive celebration of the different cultures that can be found in the colourful capital city. If you're ready to make a move for the better and live amongst the diverse culture of the Australian Capital Territory, get in touch with Ray White Belconnen for help in finding your next home.

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