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Style Your Way to a Successful Sale

By Ben Faulks

by Skye Mendl, Property Stylist – Tweak Home Staging

A buyer will usually decide within the first 30 seconds of entering your home if they will make an offer or not! Home Staging (or Property Styling) can positively influence this first impression. It is so important not to miss this opportunity to showcase your property.

The game has changed when selling a home. Like all products for sale, you need to invest in marketing to ensure you sell your home for all it’s worth. Home Staging is an effective marketing tool to present a desirable lifestyle to the buyer that they will emotionally connect with and allow them to visualise how they could live there.

People shop with logic but they buy on emotion. They know the location, neighbourhood, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, etc. they are looking for but the decision to buy a property is triggered by how they feel when they first see the home and their experience as they walk through each room. A property stylist’s job is to create a welcoming environment and present the best features of the property for potential buyers to fall in love with and mentally move in.

Most buyers will view your home online first. A beautifully presented home with professional photography will stand-out from competition and attract the buyer to visit and explore your property further.

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Statistically a staged home reduces the time on the market, attracts more interest and boosts the sale price, providing a return of approximately 10 times the styling costs.

We live differently to how we present a home for sale. To help start preparing your property, Tweak Home Staging offer the following tips:

  1. Light Up Your Home – utilise natural light by opening curtains and removing additional pieces of furniture. Replace a timber table with a glass one to reflect more light and create a spacious feel in smaller rooms. Add accent lighting to create warmth.
  2. Clean & Tidy – buyers are looking for a better lifestyle. A clean, fresh and tidy home is imperative. Don’t forget to tidy storage spaces, linen closets and cupboards, leaving some shelves empty to show how much storage space there is.
  3. Allow Buyers to Mentally Move In – potential buyers will be distracted by looking at your personal belongings and photographs. A stylist will assist in depersonalising your home, without making it feel bland.
  4. First Impressions Count – curb appeal is vital. Ensure the front of house is maintained and welcoming, so buyers will want to see more.
  5. Repair and Maintain – Complete all those small jobs around the house to show the property is well maintained and easy to live in.
  6. Furnish Empty Rooms – empty rooms are cold and appear smaller than they are. Furniture will show the potential of the room and how big the space really is.

For an obligation free appointment to discuss how to maximise the appeal of your home to more buyers, enter your details here

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