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Telstra customer service saves the day for Locked In Property Manager

By Ben Faulks

For Ray White Belconnen Leasing Consultant Mashal Rana, the Telstra live app saved the day, after she became trapped in a bathroom during an inventory inspection.

With her mobile phone left sitting on the kitchen bench, no internet on the iPad she was using to conduct the inspection, and no windows in the room she was trapped in, Mashal faced the potential of a long wait until her family and colleagues discovered she was missing.

Mashal became trapped in the bathroom after she closed the door to document the condition of the back of the door, and when she went to open it again, the door handle came off in her hand. With no way to contact the outside world, her heart rate began to climb when she realised that she could be in for a long wait until someone found her. After trying and failing to logon to the internet, facebook, email and Mashal started to panic and banged on the door and yelled for help for what felt like eternity.

“No one could hear me” said Mashal “I screamed ‘HELP’ repeatedly until I started losing energy and got tired. I didn’t know what to do so I tried the iPad again.”

“Nothing would open up except the Telstra home page. I saw an icon that said 24/7 Live Chat. Not expecting it to work, I clicked on it and someone on the other end typed “Hello, lovely afternoon today. How may I help you?” I couldn’t believe my luck. The first thing I said was HELP ME! I’m locked in a bathroom! To which the Telstra operator responded “How may I help?”.

“I asked her to call my office and inform them that the bathroom door handle had broken and I am now locked here. I don’t have my phone on me so I’m not contactable. Not thinking the Telstra operator would actually help me with something other than Telstra enquiries, she called my office and told them I was locked in the room. I couldn’t believe it. She actually called. My Ray White Belconnen colleagues now knew that I was locked there. I can’t say I have ever been so relieved. The Telstra operator actually stayed on the chat and talked to me until my colleagues from Ray White Belconnen Property Management were able to unlock me and let me out of the bathroom.”

To this day, Mashal says she doesn’t know how the live chat worked without an internet connection on the iPad but she counts her blessings that it did.

“For all I know, I could still be locked in that bathroom if it hadn’t been for the Telstra operator helping me out with something that had nothing to do with their business”.

Ever the professional, General Manager Sam Faulks was dutifully impressed that immediately after Mashal finished sharing her adventure with her colleagues, the first thing that she did when she got back to the office was lodge a work order to have the door handle repaired.

“She couldn’t handle the thought someone else might get stuck in the same predicament – they may not have been lucky enough to have Telstra Live Chat to save the day” said Sam “We are so thankful for Mashal’s quick thinking, and for the support that the Telstra customer service staff provided.”

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