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The best cafes in the wider Belconnen area

By Ben Faulks

Many Australians live and breathe coffee. In fact, our adults drink an average of approximately 10 cups of coffee a week, according to Roy Morgan.

It's the oil that greases our metaphorical gears, and owners of Belconnen real estate have no shortage of great cafes to visit when the mornings are tough. We've briefly touched on some of the places you can get your fix, but let's shine a spotlight on three of the best cafes in and around Belconnen.

1) Chatterbox

As you approach 40 Cameron Avenue, you'll hear the gentle hum of some of Belconnen's friendliest baristas serving expertly crafted coffee with a smile. Chatterbox is known for their custom blend, which uses micro-lot beans. This means they're picked from a specific plot and altitude of the grower's farm. These beans will have received special care and attention, ensuring they produce the sophisticated, full-bodied flavour that you're looking for.

Chatterbox also has a kitchen on-site, providing freshly made breakfasts and lunches- using locally sourced produce as much as possible.

2) Two Before Ten

Two Before Ten moved to the Aranda Shopping Centre in 2015 and has since given locals their caffeine hit every morning since. As a boutique roastery, the coffee is prepared and ground fresh on-site, and they also supply a few other cafes around Canberra.

The Roasting Experience is an incredible way to spend a Saturday morning as you'll get to spend an hour in the roastery learning about the process from sourcing to brewing. To wrap up the morning, you'll be treated to an amazing TBT breakfast and all-you-can-drink coffee. This is an absolute must-do for aspiring baristas!

3) Little Oink

Should you consider yourself a pundit for wordplay as much as for brunch, trot on down to Little Oink in the Cook Place shops.

Unsurprisingly, the menu features a substantial amount of pork (and pork adjacent) based meals, but what will take you by surprise is the delightful names of each dish. Standout titles include "smashed avo or the house", "this schnitzel's bacon me thirsty", and "one flew over the couscous nest".

If curly tails aren't in your diet plan, the carefully curated menu also features a great range of vegetarian options, and even something for the vegan in your life. The coffee is courtesy of Two Before Ten, which drives home how much of a favourite their roasts are in the Belconnen area.

Grabbing a cup of something rich, dark, and strong with one of our expert real estate agents is a great way to get started in the hunt for your next Belconnen home. To arrange a time, drop us a line today.

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