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The budget for Belconnen

By Ben Faulks

The vast and exciting range of developments that the ACT Budget will bring has been reported on extensively. However, the state treasury has also released an accompanying document that specifically zeroes in on how the budget will affect people living in Belconnen real estate. Take a look and see the developments that are underway.


The improvement of education in the state has been high on the Australian Capital Territory's priority list, with $1.1billion being invested into the education sector. Belconnen's allocation of this pool will fund 10,724 students, 1,080 teachers and 25 public schools.

Furthermore, $18.4million will go towards giving Belconnen High School a modern facelift, while $1.7million will be invested in upgrading the CIT Bruce campus' facilities.


In Belconnen, part of the enormous $1.5billion state budget for health will be put towards the Belconnen Walk-in Centre which focuses on nurse-centric care. Another huge emphasis as seen on Belconnen representative Bourke's website is that there is also development underway for a new five-storey car park for Calvary Hospital that will house over 700 cars. Alongside this, the hospital's services will grow with more specialised beds and facilities being added to better treat people living in Belconnen real estate.

Emergency services

The ACT government has allocated funds toward improving Belconnen's emergency-response services. This includes investing in an co-located ambulance and fire station, which will see completion in March next year. Similarly, new facilities will also be built in the western part of the region. Part of the budget will go toward funding 78 Belconnen-based police officers.

Belconnen living

As you can see, the ACT's government has funnelled plenty of funding toward improving the welfare of people who live in Belconnen real estate. Give Ray White Belconnen a call to see how you can lay down some roots here and benefit from these changes.

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